Psychotherapy, Counselling, and Supervision

Although there is much written on the differences between psychotherapy and counselling, I would describe it as follows:

Psychotherapy - this involves working together on a deeper level and on a longer-term, open-ended basis with no set date for ending. Psychotherapy can come to a natural end or we would discuss and agree when to end, giving enough time to conclude the work. We would meet weekly, unless more time each week was sought.

Counselling - is between 6 and 12 sessions. We would usually work on one issue, and this could involve CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy).

Individual Psychotherapy/Counselling:
You may be feeling low or depressed, or have had a bereavement. You may be experiencing relationship problems with no sense of moving forward, or repeating patterns that you want to resolve. Issues from childhood can continue to impact on our lives as adults, or may prevent engaging in activities or with other people.

Couple Therapy:
It can be difficult finding space to explore relationship issues - affair(s), arguments without resolution, communication problems, or you both may want to take some time together to find out what you want/need from your relationship. Couple Therapy can provide the space and time you need. It can feel a safe space to work together on your relationship.

The initial meeting is time for us to talk about any issues you would like to work through in therapy. There would not be any obligation to continue with further sessions.


I started doing supervision work about two years ago for a charity have experience of supervising counsellors/psychotherapists there. I did some initial training with Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmott. At the moment I am studying at The Minster Centre for a Diploma in Supervision. I am currently offering low cost supervision in my private practice in Queens Park, individually or group supervision.

Cost of Sessions:

60 per session for individuals (50 minute session).

Individual Concessionary Fees: 45 for students in psychotherapy or counselling training, depending upon availability of spaces and means. I will consider general enquiries on a sliding scale of 45-60, depending on individual circumstances.

Couple Therapy: 80.00 upwards depending upon length of session. I work with couples for one and a half hours. Concessionary Fees 45-60 per session (low cost), depending upon personal circumstances.

Supervision: I am currently offering low cost supervision for individuals or groups of 45 per session.

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